Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Best Interior Decorator in Houston

Having trouble locating that someone who can truly transform your home into something fabulous?

Not every interior decorator has a true eye for design, fashion and color matching but Leah of Interiors By Leah certainly does! She can help turn your rooms into something truly special and at a price that won't break the bank. From color matching to flooring to decor and more, Leah is a true wizard of home design and fashion. Perhaps you are picking out new tile for a bathroom and don't know where to start or you are just tired of how rooms in your house are so devoid of personality and you need to spruce them up.  To find the best Interior Decorator in Houston contact Leah today for a consultation.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Best Amusement Parks in Houston

Houston does not really have much in the way of outdoor or indoor amusement parks. You can however find some great places just outside of Houston.

1) Kemah Boardwalk -Right off the water this amusement park features a bunch of rides for kids
of all ages.

2) Traders Village: Offers a few kiddie rides as well as a huge flea market for a day of fun!

3) Splashtown:  Water Park located in Springs, TX

4) Schlitterbahn: Water Park located in Galveston

5) Monkey Business: For indoor fun check out this bouncy amusement park

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best Pest Control in Houston

Houston has a huge pest control issue! How many of you have trouble with everything from fire ants to termites to carper ants to June bugs and more?

 I have found the most reputable and affordable Houston Pest Control company is Pest Stoppers. They service all of Houston and are fantastic at what they do.You can reach them at: 832-593-0303.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Best Movie Theaters in Houston

My personal favorite movie theater in Houston is Edwards in the Galleria. They are more expensive than most but they have big screens, nicest chairs and offer a wide array of nosh especially my favorite drink: frozen ICEE Coke flavor. My second favorite theater and the best deal in Houston is AMC Colony 24 in Sugarland. Movies before 12 PM are just $6 and they even serve beer & liquor if that interests you. Interested in eating a meal with your movie then check out the Alamo Drafthouse. My 2 other favorites are AMC Lowes Fountain 18. The seats are not bad a bit small but they serve the ICEE cokes.The other is AMC Studio 30  which has a large array of movies and also offers $6 before 12 pm. You can always check online for special deals like a free drink or free soda as these add up your costs. Also if you are a frequent movie goer, it always pays to join a club like stubs for AMC or Regal Club which is free.

What is your favorite theater?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Best Hair Salons in Houston

Looking for a great hair stylist can be a real chore. A few bad placed snips and you might end up hiding your head in a cap for a real long time. A great salon in the Greenway/upper Kirby area that is very well reviewed is SOK Salon on Kirby. This salon also offers some before and after photos as well. If your looking for a salon in the Montrose section of Houston, may I suggest another well received salon in Houston: Cut Loose. People really enjoy the atmosphere and love the menu at this establishment. Looking for hair extensions?  You might want to contact a salon that specializes, such as Hair Xpressions Salon in the Westchase area  near Fondren and Westheimer. Looking for an upscale salon that won't kill your pocketbook? Try a highly rated salon such as David Etc, located in the Heights. They even have a price list on their website.  I hope you find this listing helpful. Do you have a favorite Salon? Let us know about it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Best Nail Salons in Houston

Looking for a great nail salon in Houston? The Upper Hand River Oaks was a 2010 pick for citysearch. Bora Bora Nail Salon in Memorial also got some stellar reviews. Another highly regarded nail salon in the Montrose area is Blue Mambo. If you are in the Galleria and looking for a decently priced nail salon checkout Paris Salon and Spa.If you know of a great nail salon in Houston feel free to share your experiences.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cheapest Dentist in Houston

Dentistry can get pretty expensive. From braces to deep cleaning to crowns. Dental work is not cheap even with insurance! The question becomes: where can I get quality dentistry at a price I can afford? I have dental insurance and have gone to a few dentists and after getting the bill my teeth were not the only thing that was hurting. Someone mentioned going to the Dental School in Houston but I didn't feel like being some dentists guinea pig. I spoke to a neighbor who was in the UT Health School of Dentistry and he explained that the professors were around to check all the work and they would have 30 + yrs experience. I decided to give it a try and my wallet thanked me. You should expect things to take a bit longer as paperwork needs to be filled out and their work needs to be looked over. It is time well spent in my opinion as even after most insurance your cost will be 40-60% less. If you are having some major dentistry work you could be saving thousands of dollars. To apply as a patient you need to fill out a form and they should contact you to schedule a x-ray for an evaluation. Update 2014 the school is totally redone with better equipment and everything is state-of-the-art.
Prices have gone up a bit but you can be sure it's still cheaper and a great deal.