Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Best Movie Theaters in Houston

My personal favorite movie theater in Houston is Edwards in the Galleria. They are more expensive than most but they have big screens, nicest chairs and offer a wide array of nosh especially my favorite drink: frozen ICEE Coke flavor. My second favorite theater and the best deal in Houston is AMC Colony 24 in Sugarland. Movies before 12 PM are just $6 and they even serve beer & liquor if that interests you. Interested in eating a meal with your movie then check out the Alamo Drafthouse. My 2 other favorites are AMC Lowes Fountain 18. The seats are not bad a bit small but they serve the ICEE cokes.The other is AMC Studio 30  which has a large array of movies and also offers $6 before 12 pm. You can always check online for special deals like a free drink or free soda as these add up your costs. Also if you are a frequent movie goer, it always pays to join a club like stubs for AMC or Regal Club which is free.

What is your favorite theater?