Thursday, February 3, 2011

Best Place To Buy Suits in Houston

Many people in Houston like the Menswearhouse and currently they do offer some great deals currently with buy one get one for $100. Great deals can also be had at Syms Bash, Macy's and Jos A Banks during crazy sales and some also preferring K&G or SuitMart. You can also try your luck at Marshall's and TJ Maxx but you have to be real lucky to find what you want. Makes me think that one of the best places to look for a great deal on a name brand suit is ebay although you certainly can't try them on first. If you have a place that offers crazy deals on quality suits please share it with us!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Best Inexpensive Family Spots

Houston is home to many great museums. Not all are good for children and not all are inexpensive. Personally I find the Children's museum annoying as it is very often packed with people and makes you feel like you are inside a sardine can (not that cheap either).A diamond in the rough is the art museum which has a free Sunday  at the beginning of every month sponsored by Target. I went there and we had a blast! They had adorable fold-able canvas chairs for the children and pencils and clipboard to look at the paintings and draw to their hearts content. There was a movie for children and even free lemonade (checked the powder they were using-Kosher!). Later they had a singer come in and he did storytelling combined with old folk songs that was excellent. Another great spot is 
Discovery Green Park  with their water fountain and playground and Hermann Park with their pedal boats, trails and fishing