Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Best Merchant Account in Houston

There are many merchant service and credit card processors in Houston for a business to choose from. Very few however will advertise: No Contracts, No Monthly Minimums,  No Termination or Set Up fees.(Most companies don't want you to realize how much you are really paying and the contracts will lock you into a 3 yr. commitment). One of the exceptions to this rule is Prestige Merchant Services. Located right here in Houston, they are committed to giving companies fair and honest pricing on their merchant accounts. The credit card processing industry can be very tricky and few really understand it. That's why Prestige has launched their very own credit card processing blog  in which to educate businesses about merchant services and it's pitfalls. Most businesses don't even realize how much they overpay on their credit card processing as merchant statements are very difficult to understand (there is a reason for that). Prestige offers a free merchant statement analysis and will even show you how much you will save by switching. Needles to say they offer every kind of solution from E-commerce to Point-of-Sale terminals and even can turn your cell phone into a wireless credit card machine. For a limited time they are even offering a Free EMV Credit Card Terminal. Another thing that sets Prestige apart is their ability to approve High Risk Merchant Accounts! If your business has been turned down for approval you should give them a call as they can approve many types of businesses.