Friday, January 28, 2011

Best Kosher Bagels in Houston

For most Houston residents when asked "where are the best kosher bagels in Houston"? The answer is almost always the same: NY Bagels. Looking for great cream cheese without paying a fortune? Check out Randalls assortment of cream cheeses from Lucerne. They are top quality, a fraction of the cost of the bagel stores and come in great flavors! They even come in small one use sizes as pictured.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Best Pizza Sauce: Who Has It?

The best pizza sauce is without question is Don Pepino. It has a new pop top can for easy opening. The crush tomatoes and seasonings make it a perfect sauce for pizza that can't be beat. The only place I have found it in Houston is Kroger in the Kosher aisle.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best Gyms In Houston

City Search has listed the best Gyms in Houston. However if you don't feel like paying a lot of money (costco has a 3 yr membership you can purchase at a great price too) a great gym is 24 hr fitness. They have many locations so if you move around or there is one near your house or work, it is very convenient. Out of all the locations, the midtown location seems to have the best reviews and is the one of the newer buildings along with the Galleria location. My favorite location is the Westheimer location off the beltway. It is almost never crowded and has towel service and  kid club hours on Sunday. It may not have the newer look or big TV's but I don't really care. I found that wearing a heart rate monitor allows me to get the most out of my workout by utilizing the Tanka formula for fat burning and just general calorie burning. Here is the one I use that has been rated the best in it's category: 

Many new gyms have hit Houston. One inexpensive gym is Planet Fitness!

They have many locations and are priced as low as just $10 a month!
Many locations are brand new and have state-of-the-art equipment.

They just don't offer things like saunas and pools but their upgraded membership offers some pretty cool benefits such as: Massage chairs and Hydromassages and more.

If you plan on lifting weights it's best to have a good pair of gloves.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kosher Grocery Stores

In Houston we have 4 main grocery stores that sell kosher food items: KrogerRandallsHEB and Beldens.Costco also sells large quantity kosher food items at low prices. Kroger has a full service kosher Bakery, Deli and Fish (Sushi) department. Randalls has all of this as well but sells other items hot such as burgers for only $4. HEB sells packaged meats and packaged bakery goods. Belden's has a kosher meat department but no kosher fish department.

Best Fish Department: Kroger . Although Randalls has a nice Fish dept. you seem to  find a greater assortment of kosher fish at Kroger (at least I have).

Best Meat Department: Randalls: Cuts are better than Kroger and although Belden's might have even better ones they are  more expensive.

Best Wine Department: Belden's: I believe they have the largest selection and the runner up is HEB

Best Bakery Department: Randalls: bakery goods are always fresh and they have an  excellent assortment of fresh Pareve bakery goods as well as donuts and muffins that are excellent.

Best Priced Kosher Food: Costco: Has great prices on shredded mozzarella cheese, kosher frozen poultry and a variety of kosher foods and snacks. As time progresses they should carry a wider selection of kosher food.

Best Places In Houston

The point of this blog, will be to let everyone know about the very best places for a variety of services and products within Houston, TX. Feel free to email you suggestions to musicperson75[at] Let the fun begin!